Skoda Yeti TSI

Skoda is planing to launch cheaper variant of the Yeti as the car has failed to live up to the expectations of the Czech automaker. The Yeti sold just 900 units since its launch, which is just 150 units a month. Many attribute the poor sales to the price and not to the car, which is a very good piece of engineering. In India, not many would like to shell extra amount on a car which appears small. People don’t care about 4-wheel drive as they seldom use the feature. That is the reason why both the Yeti and Tata Aria are not doing very well. Solution – throw out that 4wd system and reduce the price!

Skoda Yeti Interiors

But just throwing out the 4WD system alone won’t help because a good 4 lakh price reduction is the need of the hour. So the company may opt for smaller engines in the Yeti along with reducing some features including sunroof and dual zone climate control. What still remains to be seen is whether Skoda would trim the car to less than 4 meters and make it comply with small car norms. This was the Yeti could very well be priced around Rs. 10 lakhs and at that price, people would literally hop, skip and jump to buy one.