Ken Block’s new Gymkhana stunt driving video has been released. The new video sees Ken Block break new ground by bringing his spectacular driving skills to London’s iconic Battersea Power Station, which was turned into a gymkhana level straight from DiRT 3 for one day only. DiRT 3 is the latest videogame (releases on the 24th of May, 2011) in which players will compete at bespoke Gymkhana courses set in and around Battersea Power Station and other global locations. Gamers will see their car control tested to the very limit as they drift, spin-dry and jump their way to stardom in Gymkhana events.

The video shows Ken Block in his specially prepared Ford Focus taking on a unique course based on DiRT 3’s DC Compound – a freestyle racing playground set in and around London’s Battersea Power Station. The exhilarating video shows Ken Block powersliding and donutting around a series of obstacles, including a moving mechanical digger, as he executes a masterclass in multi-surface car control in a succession of breathtaking stunts.