Skoda Fabia
Skoda Fabia

Skoda India has recalled the petrol version of its Fabia for rectifying a technical issue that was affecting fuel efficiency and performance of the car.

The company has called back the 1200cc and 1400c variants of the Fabia petrol for a “technical upgradation”. The company is blaming “inconsistent fuel quality” behind the step.

Due to inconsistent fuel quality in India, Skoda India has done minor change in the software to attain better fuel economy and driving performance, the company said.

Skoda is assembling the Fabia at its Aurangabad factory. Many of the critical components on the car are imported and may not be suitable for local conditions or available fuel quality. According to sources, several customers had experienced problems with the car and some even complained that the brake pedal became hard, while driving at a high speed.

Where does fuel quality and brake pedal become hard come together. Skoda as usual are talking somewhat BS.