2012 SsanYong eXIV

SsanYong Motors has showcased its hybrid vehicle e-XIV based on earlier XIV and KEV concepts today at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. The Korean manufacturer classifies its XIV as Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV). With XIV cars, SsanYong focuses on developing cars under badging of eXciting, user Interface Vehicles (XIV) and new e-XIV will be powered with electric powertrain. The user interface vehicles provide functionality of operation through smart phones and mobile devices, to vow the young customers. It will be powered with a range extender hybrid powertrain that will use an electric motor to drive the car and a small 1-litre petrol engine which may be used for longer journeys and also for charging the batteries when they drain out.

The car has glass roof with solar panels mounts which converts solar energy to electric energy and supplies power for air-conditioning, audio and lighting devices. The interiors of the car are appealing and showcases touch screen displays and have incorporated the use of futuristic materials such as carbon fibre. It has got four-bucket-seats arrangement for providing comfort and privacy to occupants with multiple positioning options for space utilization. The exterior design is also very futuristic following its ‘Robust Aesthetic’ approach which gives it a contemporary look.

2012 SsanYong eXIV Dashboard

2012 SsanYong eXIV Cabin

The SsanYong e-XIV uses 16 kWh lithium-ion battery which drives a 80 kW Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) that gives a driving range of 80 kms, after which the petrol engine provides extra power through a generator to extend the driving range to 600 kms. It takes four hours to charge the fully discharged battery and 20 minutes for quick recharging. The e-XIV Concept has a very low emission value of 45 g/kms  which is appreciable. SsanYong has not commented anything about rolling out the production models based on these concept hybrid vehicles, but we anticipate that some technology advancements will make its way into the company’s future models.

2012 SsanYong eXIV Paris Motor Show

2012 SsanYong eXIV Roof