Suzuki Access 125 vs Honda Grazia
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Shootout: Suzuki Access 125 vs Honda Grazia

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Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 72,419/- (Suzuki Access 125), Rs. 74,142/- (Honda Grazia)

The 125cc scooter segment is all of a sudden seeing a lot of popularity in India

The scooter segment accounts for most of the sales most brands make, especially given the fact that we live in the second most populated country in the world, and business is booming! We Indians love scooters because they’re so easy to use and extremely practical. From a 16-year-old, all the way to a senior citizen, almost everyone rides a scooter and there is no age, gender or status restriction when it comes to buying and owning a scooter. These vehicles are so closely related that it all boils down to the little things and details that would truly matter to each individual buyer and their needs. Both these scooters are so alike, yet the little details set them quite visibly apart. Which one beats the other in this race to perfection? Let’s find out.

Motor Quest: The Suzuki Access was launched in 2007 and has been through subtle cosmetic changes and different color updates over the years. The Honda Grazia is a new scooter that came out just last year and v, uses the same engine as the Honda Activa 125

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In terms of design, it’s the new kid on the block vs old school

Styling – In terms of styling, both these scooters are two different flavors that are directed towards two different kinds of audiences. The Suzuki Access feels more laid back and old school in terms of design with its retro look, choice of colour and all that extra chrome. Our test vehicle was the special edition and has a beautiful matte black finish. To help go with all that darkness, the scooter comes with a contrasting crimson coloured seat that looks rather premium. The rest of the scooter has slight hints of chrome in it, especially the mirrors that are completely covered in chrome and are circular in shape. Unlike the Honda Grazia, the Suzuki Access has a handle mounted headlamp and two extra parking lights and indicators located at the front.

The Honda Grazia looks a lot more modern and youthful than the Access

The design of the Suzuki Access is much calmer and more laid-back. It doesn’t scream for attention but manages to catch it nonetheless. The design leans more towards the curvy side, unlike the Grazia with its sharp edges and angled body panels. The overall design of the Suzuki Access 125 looks a lot more simplified than the Grazia, and thus, seeming a lot more appealing to a variety of audiences. Coming to the rear, the Access has a single piece grab rail, and gets the Access badging on both sides. The exhaust is much slimmer compared to the Grazia and gets a chrome shield. The Access also gets five-spoke wheels that look quite cool.

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One goes for sharp and angular design, the other goes for a curvy and sutble look

The Honda Grazia is clearly a much more youthful looking scooter compared to the Suzuki Access. The Grazia gets much sharper looking body panels and manages to maintain great road presence with its modern design. Honda has decided not to add a single bit of chrome on this machine, instead, they chose to add a lot of black panels and faux carbon fibre to this scooter. The handlebar too has body coloured panels along with an aluminium finish around the speedo which adds to its modern appeal. Unlike the Suzuki Access, the Honda Grazia doesn’t get a contrasting coloured seat but instead gets a perforated leather seat and dual pillion grab rails. It also gets Honda stickering on each side under the footboard and gets Grazia badging on both sides.

Also, unlike the Suzuki’s curvy tail section, the Grazia has a much sharper looking tail which makes the scooter look more angled on each end. The Honda gets five-spoke wheels too, but in my opinion, I like the ones on the Access much more. Unlike the Suzuki Access 125, the Grazia has a body mounted headlamp which is full LED and grants it a rather handsome looking front end even though it resembles the Honda Dio quite a lot. I personally prefer the design found on both these scooters, but keeping personal preference aside, they’re both quite stylish in their own way and you wouldn’t be let down either way you go.