Suzuki Burgman Electric Design
The scooter gets a chain drive system

The internal design of the upcoming Suzuki Burgman Electric gets mild updates, launch delayed by 2 years

Suzuki Motorcycles is readying its first EV for India in the form of the Burgman Electric and the latest update is that the scooter has now got mild internal design updates. While it’s still 2 years away from launch as per sources, this development does give a sense of hope.

The design updates have been revealed through Suzuki Burgman Electric’s new set of leaked patent images. In a first for a scooter in India, the upcoming Suzuki EV will get a chain final drive from a centrally placed motor.

The chain drive has various advantages over a belt drive. It has a solid 97-98 percent transmission efficiency while a belt drive’s efficiency is just between 91-94 percent. A chain can transmit power even under extreme slack while a belt will start to slip even under mild reduction in tightness.

Suzuki Burgman Electric Design Side
The battery pack is under the seat

As the belt needs to be always in a tight position, it will keep the motor and wheel axles, and the ball bearings under load all the time. But, a chain, on the other hand, is always designed with a slack. The only disadvantage though is the higher maintenance.

The usage of chain has also made the Burgman Electric rugged and monsoon ready. The scooter sports a proper swing arm with dual rear shocks like a commuter motorcycle. In the earlier patent images, there used to be a cooling fan for the battery but now it’s missing.

Maybe Suzuki would have improved the thermal efficiency of the battery pack that it no longer requires a cooling fan. Other than these updates, the new patent images sport the same elements as the older ones.

The rear wheel and chain sprockets are fully covered

The battery pack and the controller unit sit under under the seat on the driver side. The scooter’s rear wheel and chain sprockets are fully covered using plastic panels for a perfect waterproof setup.

On the outside, the Burgman Electric is same as the regular Burgman Street 125 expect for the Suzuki’s trademark blue elements on the white body panels. When launched, the Burgman Electric will become the first Japanese electric 2-wheeler in India.

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