The Suzuki Gixxer 250 gets a vast variety of accessories, some are touring focused while others are general accessories.

Suzuki Gixxer 250 India Launch
The Suzuki Gixxer 250 competes with the Yamaha FZ25

Suzuki launched the Gixxer 250 earlier this month at a price of Rs. 1,59,800/- (ex-showroom, Delhi). The motorcycle is the street-fighter version of the Gixxer SF 250 and has rivals in form of the KTM Duke 250 and the Yamaha FZ25. As is the case with the Gixxer SF 250, the company has now revealed the official accessories for the Gixxer 250. These accessories range from touring focused accessories to general protective guards and covers. Below are the recently revealed accessories.

Bumper Bracket

Also known as crash guard, these bumper brackets are designed not only for protection but also to blend in nicely with the overall design of the bike. The guard protects the crucial body panels of the bike as well as the legs of the rider in the event of a fall. It’s priced at Rs. 568/-.

Saddle Bag

One of the most important requirements during a tour is storage space. Luckily, Suzuki is here to back us up with official saddle bag accessory. These bags can be securely anchored to the bike so that they don’t move around while you ride the bike. It’s priced at Rs. 3,499/-.

Seat Covers

No one likes to see their pride and joy with soiled or torn seats. With the wide range of available seat covers, there’s something for everyone. You can chose from regular ones or the mesh variety. Depending upon your choice, seat covers can greatly help in keeping the temperature of the seat down during those hot sunny days while protecting the seat from other elements. Prices start from Rs. 330/-.

Power Source (DC Socket Kit)

In today’s world which is filled with electronic gadgets, we are in constant search of power supply. The official DC socket kit is here to fulfil all your power needs, especially when you wander into the unknown. Bonus, it’s water-resistant too and costs Rs. 350/-.

Tank Pad

Tank pads are there not only to protect but also to give a personalised look to your bike. These are designed to withstand the daily abuse from zippers and belt buckles to protect the tank from scratches and chipping up of the paint. Price Rs. 186/-.

Knee Grip Pad

Knee grip pad aims to protect the sides of the tank from scratches due to rubbing of clothes against the tank. These also provide extra grip to the rider for better control of the bike. The pad is transparent in nature so that it doesn’t stand out.
It is priced at Rs. 490/-.

Knuckle Cover

The Knuckle cover serves a dual purpose; it protects the knuckles of the rider as well as the important controls like the brake lever and clutch lever during the event of a crash. These also add to the sporty look of the motorcycle. Price is Rs. 1727/-.

Body Cover

Your quest of finding the perfect body cover for your motorcycle might come to an end. Suzuki has launched official body covers for the Gixxer 250. They come in 2 varieties, silver (Rs. 380/-) and black (Rs. 545/-).

Skid Plate

Skid plates are metal plates which protect the underside of the bike from stones, pebbles and from those huge speed breakers. There is no need for the under-cowl removal which gives it a more integrated look and feel. A skid plate greatly adds to the off-road capability of a bike. Price Rs. 901/-.

Suzuki Gixxer 250 Accessories

– Suzuki launched the Gixxer 250 at a price of Rs. 1,59,800/-
– The range consists of touring focused as well as general-purpose accessories
– Updated list of accessories can be procured from any Suzuki dealer

Suzuki Gixxer 250 Accessories
Accessories available for the Suzuki Gixxer 250