Rusting issues were faced by owners especially around the front disc brake, telescopic front fork and even around the nuts and bolts. This clearly signifies lower quality on the 150cc motorcycle.

Suzuki Gixxer Test Ride Review
Customers have reported signs of rusting despite the Gixxer being barely months old

Several owners across the country have reported of rusting issues on the Suzuki Gixxer within months of purchasing the bike. Launched in September this year, images of these rusted parts on the Gixxer 155 were shared with us by one of the owners. Problems of rusting were found around the telescopic front fork, exhaust as well as the front disc brake that does not put the Japanese manufacturer’s quality levels in good light.

This is not the first time the Suzuki Gixxer has been flagged for rusting. In the previous months too, there have been cases of rusting issues on several models that were pointed out by owners. Customers brought forward rusting issues around the nuts and bolts of the front handle bar and some rust on the joint of the front suspension. Members of the media that were given test bikes also found signs of rusting around the front fork as well as the throttle grip and brought it to the company’s notice.

Rusting at some point is bound to happen on vehicles and is a very common issue. However, for a motorcycle that is barely months old, it is certainly questionable on the kind of quality levels Suzuki maintains. It is not clear as of now, if the issue is with only a certain batch of models or the entire production. The company would also want to check with their vendors and suppliers on the quality levels that are being maintained for the components. We would also like existing Gixxer owners to recheck for signs of rusting and take it up with their respective dealers.

Making a big comeback after the debacle known as the GS150R, the Gixxer 155 is a major level up done by Suzuki India and has also received a positive response from the masses. Raved for its muscular styling, sporty engine, impressive riding dynamics and a competitive price tag; the same cannot be said about the quality of the components. Suzuki India has not come out with a valid explanation for the issue yet but we do expect the company to take some stringent action against the same to avoid long term problems.

Suzuki Gixxer Rust Exhaust Muffler
Notice the rust in the inner lining of the chrome cap of the exhaust muffler
Suzuki Gixxer Rust Issue Disc Brake
Suzuki should check quality levels with vendors and component suppliers
Suzuki Gixxer Rust Nuts
Customers have also complained of rust issues on nuts and bolts
Suzuki Gixxer Rust Disc Rotor
Notice the rust accumulation on the inner wall of the brake disc on barely months old Gixxer