Just have a look at this modified Suzuki Gixxer and get inspiration to transform your own ride.

Modified Gixxer Side Profile
The modifications on this Gixxer make it look sportier

Customising motorcycles has become a common trend these days. Especially when you want an outstanding appearance from your bike but don’t want to spend too many bucks on a high-end 2-wheeler. However, some customising firms are so efficient in their job that they try their best to make their work look like a real expensive model. Recently, a modified Suzuki Gixxer was put on the Pondicherry Gixxer Club’s Facebook group that would inspire every viewer to customise their ride.

The front section of this Suzuki Gixxer could make any passer-by stop and give it a gaze. It looks inspired by the Kawasaki Z1000 with narrow split headlamps with sharp plastic kit wrapped around, and a huge visor which is the centre of attraction.  The handlebar and rearview mirrors also have been embellished with a minute amount of chrome. On the engine, three gleaming pipes have been fitted on either side with crash bobbins which take inspiration from high performance motorcycles.

Other additions such as the engine under belly, tyre hugger with number plate and turn indicators, split seat with the pillion section at a certain height make the stance of the modified Suzuki Gixxer more appealing. Although the stock Gixxer already carries a finely sculpted design, the beautiful additions executed on this motorcycle has made it something to stare at.

Modified Suzuki Gixxer

– The front section of this Gixxer resembles that of the Kawasaki Z1000
– The huge visor and sleek headlamp kit give it a menacing appeal
– Stock leg guard has been replaced by crash bobbins

Modified Gixxer Close Up
It carries a new set of headlamps with tiny air intakes below it
Modified Gixxer Front Three Quarters
Overall, the motorcycle looks worth the modifications
Modified Gixxer Rear Section
The stock mudguard has been pulled out and a new tyre hugger has been installed