The Gixxer SF and the Yamaha Fazer FI 2.0 are faired bikes based on their naked siblings, but the Gixxer manages to have a slight edge with more novelty value.

Suzuki Gixxer SF Price
The MotoGP edition will easily find more takers with the extremely appealing livery

Full-faired motorcycles hold a high aspirational value in a market like India, giving riders that big bike feel. While Yamaha was one of the first manufacturers to understand this market sentiment, it is now Suzuki that has come up with the Gixxer SF (Sport Fairing), the latest full faired bike to join the lineup. But, how does the newest Gixxer SF fair against the similarly priced half-faired Fazer FI V2.0? Let’s have a look.

Both the bikes are based on their respective naked versions and retain the powertrain and mechanicals. Starting with the newest offering, the Suzuki Gixxer SF comes with a highly pleasing design that takes inspiration from the bigger GSX and MotoGP bikes which makes it extremely appealing. In comparison, the Fazer FI comes with a half-fairing with dual headlamp cluster but looks a bit bland. The Fazer though light in weight looks heavier off the two courtesy of its muscular design language. If styling is your point of concern, the fully faired Gixxer comes out as fresh and aerodynamic over the Yamaha.

The Yamaha Fazer gets the more superior powertrain here with the 149cc single-cylinder motor equipped with fuel injection but produces only 13.1 PS of power as compared to the 14.8 PS on the carbureted 155cc Suzuki Gixxer SF. The Gixxer has been a stellar package in terms of ridng dynamics and the aerodynamic SF should be equally capable, if not better. The Fazer FI offers excellent throttle response and the FI ensures smooth power delivery across the rev range and the trademark Yamaha riding capabilties making it extremely fun to live with.

Both the motorcycles are identical on several counts and also sport the same wheelbase length at 1330 mm. In terms of features, the Japanese offerings come loaded with midship exhaust, 12-litre fuel tank, digital instrument console and meatier 140 section rear tyres. That being said, the Fazer misses out on a LED tail light though which comes as disappointing, especially since it’s standard on most offerings in the segment.

Verdict – At Rs. 97,532/- (on-road, Mumbai) the Suzuki Gixxer SF emerges as a compelling offering with the full faired design and higher power output while being just marginally more expensive than the Yamaha Fazer V2 which is priced at Rs. 97,064/-. Even though the bike may not be as technologically-rich as the Fazer FI 2.0, Suzuki has packaged the bike very well and it certainly turns out to be the best 150cc offering you can pickup in the segment at present.

Suzuki Gixxer SF Yamaha Fazer FI 2.0 Comparison

Suzuki Gixxer SF Side
The Gixxer SF gets no changes to the rear and retains the step up seat & dual exhaust muffler
Yamaha Fazer FI V2.0 Red Down
The 149cc motor on the Fazer is technologically advanced and gets fuel injection
Suzuki Gixxer SF Rear Profile
The full fairing on the Gixxer SF comes out as an extremely appealing package, priced well too