A hybrid car in a automakers portfolio goes a long way in showing their love for planet earth and when everyone is at it, why should Suzuki stay behind. So they did the next best thing by picking up the current generation Suzuki Swift and strapping on a hybird motor and showcased it at the on going Tokyo Motor Show. The Suzuki Swift plug-in hybrid concept features a similar drive system as the Chevy Volt with  a small displacement petrol engine running in-sync with an electric motor and a lithium-ion battery pack. The concept car is meant to be driven only on electric juice.


The electric motor is powered by a household socket charged battery which is more than adequate for short distances.  Once the battery runs out, the engine powers a generator to charge the battery. Suzuki has given the Swift Plug-in Hybrid new set of headlights along with new wheels and a set of lightweight front seats but that don’t impress us much. The next generation Swift needs to come soon to take the competition head on.