Maruti Suzuki should take note of how Suzuki Hungary advertises the Swift.

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What is it about the Swift that has made it so popular with Indian customers? With over 2 million units running on our roads since it was launched in 2005, Suzuki’s recent sales reports state that the Swift has sold over 1 lakh units in just 145 days, creating a new record for the fastest time to achieve this sales milestone for any car launched in India. The third generation Swift is proving its place in people’s hearts with this massive achievement, states Maruti Suzuki.

A look at how Suzuki Hungary has portrayed the car shows that the Swift is swift. And pretty swift at that. Being a significantly old name in the market has not brought it down. You can see it from the way the driver handles the cars. The handling of the Swift in small spaces is highly complimented in the second video, where the driver is seen manoeuvring inside the run-down complex. It doesn’t fall short in the off-road handling either. The video shows us how an expert driver will truly enjoy the ride in the Swift. The dynamics of the car speak for itself when you are 5 minutes into a ride in this car.

In the third video, the off-road capabilities of the Swift are further emphasised by pitting it against dirt bikes which specialise in off-road adventure. The Swift is seen to be able to make all the turns without losing control but breaking its front bumper. Which makes us think that the Swift could be a good vehicle to take on a dirt track race.

Maruti Suzuki has stated that being able to record such magnificent sales has only strengthened its resolve to bring bigger and better products to the market. But a great way to showcase its features to the unknowing buyer is by recording its performance like Suzuki Hungary has done. Such videos really can tilt the viewer’s favour to one side completely. There is no better way for an average buyer to understand the performance a car can deliver other than by such videos.

Suzuki Swift Videos

– Three videos commissioned by Suzuki Hungary
– The videos showcase the agility of the new Swift
– Many Swifts were harmed in making these videos

Catch All The Latest Videos, Subscribe To MotorBeam

Catch All The Latest Videos, Subscribe To MotorBeam