Suzuki has unveiled a 600cc turbocharged engine at the ongoing Tokyo Motor Show. The engine unveiled by Suzuki is said to be near-production ready.

Suzuki 600cc turbocharged engine
The 600cc turbocharged engine showcased by Suzuki at the Tokyo Motor Show

Suzuki has unveiled a near-production ready 600cc turbocharged engine at the Tokyo Motor Show. However no details or specifications regarding the engine has been revealed by Suzuki yet. The engine is said to be a twin-cylinder turbo petrol motor with an intercooler. According to sources, this engine might be the powertrain of the Suzuki Recursion concept motorcycle that the company showcased back in 2013.

The engine codenamed EX7 is said to produce 100 BHP at 8000 RPM with a peak torque of 100.4 Nm at 4500 RPM. This engine has the potential to attract a lot of customers as it will provide superbike class power figures that is also expected to return high fuel economy. Being a turbocharged and lightweight engine will help achieve a fantastic power to weight ratio of the motorcycle.

The Recursion is a semi-faired superbike, which with all the right tech could be a great product for the Japanese company. To keep the advantage of customer interests, Suzuki will need to develop a bike within the range of 150-200 kgs using aluminium chassis and swingarm to keep it light and agile making the bike attractive to the enthusiasts. If they decide to make the bike on a conventional steel body design then the overall weight of the bike might tip over 200 kgs which could hamper the power delivery.

If Suzuki does manage to introduce a new bike which is agile and lightweight, it might be the start of a new generation of superbikes with turbocharged engine. However at this time, everything is just speculations as Suzuki has not yet released any specifications of where or even when they would introduce the engine into production.

Suzuki Recursion Concept
Suzuki Recursion concept showcased back in 2013 might get the 600cc turbo-charged engine