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I wasn’t kidding about the green sheet of muslin over the mountain ranges

With the efforts being put in we were blessed with another astounding view of the South-India mountain ranges. Until the horizon, all you could see was a green sheet of muslin layered over the mountain range. We had decided to go up to the peak of the Baba Budangari range and one of the roads allowed us to take our motorcycles there too. It was an extra 30 minutes detour but it was completely worth it. At one point we were almost riding amongst the clouds we could literally feel we were flying. This was very different than riding in a dense fog because we were almost on the top of the mountain and we had to be careful as the road had a steep drop on the other side.

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It did feel like riding in heaven

After visiting the mountain peaks in Chikmagalur, we headed to one of the very well known coffee estates for lunch. We ordered sandwiches and coffee while our motorcycles chilled at the estate entrance. Everything was okay until we had the coffee, it was the best coffee I’ve ever had in my lifetime! It took away any kind of tiredness I had over the last few days of continuous traveling. Our bikes were enjoying too as the fresh air kept the motor running to the best potential. The Street Triple RS even after being a costlier motorcycle didn’t get as much attention as the V-Strom did on the whole trip.

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There is a mountian peak right behind the dense cloud!

Post lunch we headed towards Huballi through the internal roads of Karnataka. There were a lot of small villages on the way but the route was as scenic and beautiful as it could get. The road was a 2-lane state highway in the best possible condition going through various farms and over the lakes. By the time we reach Huballi we had already done over 2100 kms in 4 days and if there was any other motorcycle I would have been very tired, but the comfort and ease of riding that the V-Strom offered were just unrivaled.