Just recently news of Aston Martin’s majority stake holders inviting bidders to purchase the iconic British brand surfaced. There were two potential buyers which Investment Dar Co was looking to sell Aston Martin to – Mahindra and Toyota. Now another potential car maker has been added to the list – TATA MOTORS. The Indian automobile giant is already in talks with Aston Martin as per sources close to the company. Meanwhile Investment Dar Co continues to rubbish news of the sale.

Other than these three companies, many Chinese companies have also shown interest in taking over Aston Martin. There have been many offers too and its just a matter of a few weeks before the buyer is publicly announced. However its Toyota which has a high chance of picking up the Gaydon-based automaker. The Japanese car maker has already worked closely with Aston, developing the Cygnet for them (the Cygnet is a re-badged Toyota iQ).

But which company should really pick up Aston Martin? Ideally Tata Motors would make a very good fit for Bond’s favorite car company. Tata Motors already owns Jaguar Land Rover, whose design and engineering centre is right next to Aston Martin’s plant in Gaydon. Also since JLR and Aston Martin were both a part of Ford’s Premier Automotive Group, the companies share a lot in common. Aston could share technology with Jaguar, resulting in cost reduction and sustainability.

Source – Birminghampost