Old vs New Tata Indigo

You read it first on MotorBeam. Remember the Falcon 4 and Falcon 5, which turned out to be the Bolt and Zest respectively. Well, Tata Motors has codenamed their Indica and Indigo replacements as Kite 4 and Kite 5. The Bolt replaces the Vista while the Zest replaces the Manza, news we brought you exclusively a few weeks back. Yes, Tata Motors will axe both the Vista and Manza next year. Even better, the company will also phase out the current Indica and Indigo, the latter which is sold in eCS avatar. The current Indica and Indigo will be discontinued in 2016.

The Kite 4, which will replace the Indica, will sit between the Nano and Bolt, the world’s most affordable car set to get more expensive with the introduction of more feature loaded variants. Both the Kite 4 and Kite 5 are based on the Indica platform, which has been revised heavily and styling has been given high emphasis. That’s the reason why the Kite 4 and Kite 5 will not look anything like the company’s current cars. Tata Motors is investing heavily in getting the appearance of their vehicles right.

Both the Kite 4 and Kite 5 are just code-names, the actual cars will be called something else but the Indica and Indigo name will not be used. Tata Motors is trying to do away with its current image and is thus bringing new cars with new names. That’s the reason why the Zest, which is engineered on the Vista platform, doesn’t use either the Indica or Vista names. Our source also informs us that like the Bolt and Zest, the Kite 4 and Kite 5 will be feature loaded and will look very attractive. Tata Motors will utilise the idle Sanand facility to manufacture these cars.

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