2012 Tata Nano Special Edition

Tata Motors will build a new line-up of low costs cars, alongside the Nano, which will be made out of composites instead of the traditional steel or aluminium. It is said that a prototype for this composite car is ready and has been tested for safety as well but it is unlikely it will be put into production immediately. Tata Motors will try and stabilize their business of their current line-up and first introduce new cars that should give them better sales in the future before they introduce this new technology in the Indian market.

Tata Motors have bought rights for this new composite technology from Italian pioneer, Marcello Gandini, who first used composite materials in supercars like the Lamborghini Miura and the Countach. Usually composites in today’s world mean Carbon Fibre which is the material of choice for supercar companies all over the world, but it is extremely expensive. Tata Motors will use an industrial alternative called the poly-diallyl-phthalate (PDP) to make these cars and PDP panels and moulds will replace steel body and chassis parts.

The PDP is very light, very strong and much cheaper to build, in terms of material and infrastructure as well than steel and aluminium. A metal body requires about 500 parts but the same in PDP will require only about 25 moulds. So the finished car will be much lighter, and thus more fuel efficient, safer due to its strength and will have lower vibration and noise levels than a metal car. In the long run it may be cheaper than its alternatives as well offering higher fuel efficiency. Tata Motors will build a modular chassis for this car.

However no official information about the launch of this car is available from the company. Tata Motors will first try and improve sales of conventional cars and then focus on launching this revolutionary vehicle. The car maker will launch a new premium hatchback based on a modified Indica platform and improve its current line-up.

Tata Manza Infinity Cross Roof

Source – Economic Times