Tata Motors is set to give the Nano its first major upgrade. Although the changes are minuscule but they are important as it shows Tata’s commitment to improving its vehicles. The Tata Nano now has a higher rev limit at 6000rpm, up from 5000rpm to quicken acceleration in the first two gears helping in making life easy for the people’s car on steep inclines. The top speed is unaffected at 105kmph. The old fashioned outside rear view mirrors will be replaced with units where the mirror moves within the housing. This change is to make the mirrors compatible with electric adjustment in the future.

Next is the addition of a check strap in the doors to limit the opening of the doors. The most significant change however will be the replacement of fixed rear panel by a hatch door. The present vehicle’s boot is to cumbersome to be used especially when there are passengers sitting in the rear. These changes would very well push the price up but these are small things that would make the Nano more user-friendly.