Tata Motors has nnounced the launch of a Mine Protected Vehicle, as part of its strategy to enhance the scope of its defence business right up to frontline combat vehicles. The company, which has been a supplier to India’s defence and paramilitary forces since 1958, already offers an extensive portfolio of troop carriers and logistics vehicles. The launch of combat and tactical vehicles and equipment will allow it to leverage the entire defence mobility spectrum. Besides the Army, Tata Motors will also offer the vehicle to paramilitary and police forces. The company has the ability to mobilise adequate manufacturing capacity, and will deploy its dealer/service network across the country for maintenance and service.

The Tata Mine Protected Vehicle is based on modular flexibility and integrates V shaped hull blast protection technology, ideally suited for counter-insurgency operations. The two roof-top hatches for observation, 9 firing ports and a 360-degree roof mounted rotating turret for an LMG/HMG weapon ensures maximum fire power. Its combat survivability comes from all round NIJ Level 3 BP protection and customer/mission specific underbelly blast protection.

The air-conditioned crew cabin also renders itself to multiple configurations for different combat roles, like a command post, emergency evacuation ambulance or a troop carrier. Crew and seating layouts from 8 to 12 troops can meet these varied operational requirements. The 245 PS diesel engine generates a top speed of 100 kmph and a gradeability of 60%. The 860 mm ground clearance and fordability of 1000 mm ensures mobility even in the toughest terrain. Space for appropriate communication equipment and ADNAV system makes it operational even at night and in adverse weather conditions.

Tata 8×8 Weapon Platform is a unique and versatile high mobility platform, capable of being configured to a host of military applications like missile/artillery and air defence weapons, surveillance equipment, communications and electronics warfare. It is already becoming the platform of choice to various weapon / missile system integrators in the role of a cost effective launcher, carrier, radar pedestal, generator van and command post.

Its 380/420 PS engine generates a speed of over 80 kmph and gradeability of up to 60%. With a fordability of 1200 mm, trench crossing ability of 2 metres, ground clearance of 400 mm, a compensating bogey suspension, wide wheel tracks it can operate under severe terrain conditions. The tiltable military cabin, compatible to up-armouring and NBC protection on demand, and traditional chassis frame ensures free accessibility to all major aggregates and lends itself to easy maintainability. The wide cabin windscreens ensure good all-around visibility.

Tata Light Specialist Vehicle is a single platform to undertake diverse missions such as reconnaissance, counter-insurgency operations for special forces and even as an ambulance. It has an adaptive automatic transmission, 60% gradeability, 750 mm fordability, 300 mm vertical obstacle climbing ability, 45% approach angle, 45% departure angle, 250 mm ground clearance and a top speed of 100 kmph. The vehicle can operate in a temperature range of –20 degree to +55 degree Celsius. Tata Light Armoured Troop Carrier is designed for movement of troops for counter insurgency operation, with protection against small arm fire, floor protected against hand grenade blasts, and fuel tank bolstered with explosive suppressant material.

The air-conditioned Armoured Safari, offering NIJ Level 3 protection for VVIPs, is equipped with features like hand grenade protection for underbelly, run flat tyres, five exit doors, explosive suppressant material in the fuel tank, extra wide footsteps for escorts and RYG (Red Yellow Green) indicator for escort vehicles. It comes with comfortable interiors, plush seating, and a fine-tuned suspension. The Armoured Sumo can carry six troops for counter-insurgency operations especially in hilly off-road terrain. Six firing ports and a roof hatch ensure maximum fire power. It can move from 4×2 to 4×4 mode whilst on the move. It too offers NIJ Level 3 protection, with underbelly protection against hand grenades, run flat tyres, and five exits.

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