2012 Tata Pixel Concept

Tata Motors launched the Indica Vista in 2008, while the Indigo Manza was launched in 2009. These cars are the second generation of the Indica and Indigo respectively and were a huge leap forward for Tata Motors, in terms of quality and refinement. However the competition has become intense and both the Vista and Manza are not doing great numbers. Last month the Indica and Vista sold just 5332 units, while the Indigo and Manza sold 2658 units. These figures are below average considering the price points at which the Indica and Indigo CS are offered. This has resulted in Tata Motors dropping to number 4 on the top sellers list with Mahindra overtaking them.

Now the problem with the Indica Vista and Indigo Manza is that both these cars have started to look outdated in front of the competition. Tata Motors on its part has tried to freshen up things by launching new variants and mild facelifts but that doesn’t seem to have work. Now a source informs us that Tata Motors will be changing its complete design language in 2014 and will start hiring new designers for the same soon. This move is part of the company’s plans to boost volumes in both domestic and export markets.

Tata Motors knows the importance of design very well. The Range Rover Evoque sells largely because of the way it looks and Tata Motors plans to develop such a design which will catch the fancy of everyone. In 2014, the third generation Indica is due and the new design language is expected to debut on it. The company has also seen the sales of the Aria dropping faster than it can blink. Last month only 17 units of the Aria were sold, which is shocking as the Aria is by far the best Tata car yet. The new design language will also make its way to the Aria, which only needs a good cosmetic surgery to appeal to a larger audience.