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The cabin of the Nexon EV gets blue accents and better quality materials

Interiors – The interiors of the Nexon also comes with minor changes compared to the pre-facelift car. It gets a new steering wheel borrowed from the Tata Altroz with steering mounted controls for the infotainment system as well as the MID in the instrument cluster. There is a semi-digital instrument cluster wherein it comes with an analogue speedometer and a digital 7-inch display. It shows all the vital information such as the power, eco and regen meter which depends on the accelerator and brake inputs. It also shows info about the battery percentage and range available. There is a live energy row infographic of the power going to the wheels and regeneration from the wheels to the battery. It also shows the direction of the wheels when the car is parked. There is a ton of info available along with the standard time, temperature, ODO, trip readings, etc.

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The Nexon EV comes loaded with a lot of equipment and features

Apart from the new steering wheel and a new semi-digital instrument cluster, the cabin is identical to the regular Nexon

The dashboard design remains the same but there are new materials and colours used in the cabin along with EV specific blue accents. The 7-inch infotainment system comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It gets Harman audio system and the sound quality is quite nice. The touchscreen could’ve been more smooth and fluid to operate. The rear parking camera is available with dynamic guidelines, which is very convenient but the quality of the camera is just average. Some of the key features include fully automatic climate control system, keyless entry and push-button start, fog lamps with cornering ability, wearable key, electric sunroof, automatic headlamps and automatic rain-sensing wipers.

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The flat floor allows three people to seat comfortably in the rear seats

The space and comfort are exactly the same as the regular Nexon. The front seats are well cushioned and supportive. The driving position is confidence inspiring too but the steering wheel should have got telescopic adjust, it only gets tilt adjust. The rear seat offers good legroom and headroom while shoulder room is a bit tight for three passengers sitting abreast. However, there is a good amount of comfort. Even though the battery is placed under the floor, the floor height has not increased. The boot space is accommodating too having 350-litres of capacity.

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The ZConnect app unlocks a ton of additional functionality for your Nexon

Tata’s ZConnect app allows one to monitor, control and diagnose various functions of their Nexon EV

The Tata Nexon EV is a connected car and you can operate 35 connected car features using the ZConnect app. It comes with features like remote monitoring charge levels, range, charging history, nearby charging stations, etc. Remote commands like remote lock/unlock, lamp control and horn activation are available. You can also switch on the AC and pre-cool the car through the app. It also shows a detailed diagnostic report, location-based services like navigation, a list of charging stations on your route. You can share live location with friends and family. Tata Nexon EV customers will get preferential access to more than 300 charging stations in major metros in India, they have a tie-up with Tata Power. The ZConnect has alerts for vehicle health and safety. You can even set pre-determined custom speed, geo-fencing or time-fence limits. If these get breached, you get a notification. The app analyses driving behaviour and gives a scorecard at the end of every trip. It also shows insights of harsh braking, harsh acceleration and average speed. Customers can share their scorecards with other Nexon EV owners through an in-built community called Tribes.