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The Safari isn’t a bad SUV at all for daily usage in cities like Mumbai

Yes, there are some important bits missing in today’s day and age like a reverse camera, cruise control, dead pedal, multi-information display and front facing third row seats. These additions in the facelifted Safari would have made it a much more convenient SUV. However, the Safari isn’t all about convenience, it’s the mechanical and raw driving feel that most of the SUVs lack these days. I feel the V400 will be the last iteration of the Safari saga before the Q501 monocoque successor comes in the next couple of years and joins the new age SUV crowd.

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The additional 6th gear makes it a relaxed mile muncher now on the highways

What’s Cool

* Fantastic performance of the V400 engine, heck it’s even more powerful than the Endeavour 2.2!
* Additional 6th gear makes it a comfortable cruiser on the highways
* Supreme ride comfort and high-speed stability
* King of the road commanding position and intimidating presence on the road

What’s Not So Cool

* 6-speed unit feels a bit notchy
* Tata should have provided more features to differentiate from the regular Storme

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A rare sight this, two Safari brothers standing next to each other

Testers’ Note:

“The Tata Safari Storme has always been a hot favourite of ours at MotorBeam, more so of our assistant editor who would rather drive the Safari over even a V8 powered German SUV. What makes this car such a brute is of course its muscular stance and the ability to demolish all kinds of roads with ease. When the vehicle arrived, I drove it initially and fell in love with the additional boost the V400 motor has to offer, it is so quick that even a Renault Duster can’t keep up which says something about how punchy that oil burner is, lugging two tonnes of weight like it’s child’s play.” – Faisal Khan, Editor, MotorBeam.
“The Safari Storme Varicor 400 simply defies the laws of physics. Imagine a 1998 designed SUV weighing more than two tonnes which is capable of smoking a Renault Duster like a breeze. Such is the amazing grunt of this oil burner. The bragging rights on the streets, the sheer size equivalent to a studio apartment and go anywhere capability, all this under Rs. 20 lakhs is a steal for real SUV enthusiasts. And yes, I’m going to steal a Safari if I’m not able to buy one anytime soon.” – Aariz Rizvi, Assitant Editor, MotorBeam.
“I am not a hardcore fan of the Tata Safari Storme but I drove the SUV for around 1000 kms in its long term stint with us. I really loved its road presence which is intimidating and another thing that I really liked is the ride quality which is splendid. The V400 engine has a lot of grunt but that coupled to the 4×4 mechanism increases the weight of the car and thus the Safari had bad drinking habits. The Safari doesn’t come with many features and it feels overpriced for what it offers. If I had to pick a tough SUV, I’d rather go for the Isuzu D-Max V-Cross.” – Parth Gohil, Senior Road Tester, MotorBeam.
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Hopefully the Safari successor retains some of its characteristics

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