We drove this amazing drivers car some time back. Make a guess and let us know what you think could be this car. We know the picture is quite a tease. You can see nothing, yet you can see everything =p.

Update 1 : –

  • It has a V6 engine
  • Its not a SUV
  • And its not a BMW 325i, the image name was there to confuse you guys : )


Update 2 : –

  • It has a auto box
  • It runs on petrol
  • Its not a Hyundai Sonata either


Update 3 : –

  • The car runs on Michelins
  • It doesn’t have a handbrake


Update 4 : –

This is by far the biggest clue.


Update 5 : –

And the car is…………………


Deepak Sasi was close but Naveen got it spot on. Good going Naveen. Review coming tomorrow morning at 9.00 AM.