December 2020 Compact Sedan Sales
Look at the difference in sales figure between the first- and second-placed models

December 2020 sedan sales, if anything, shows that a portion of the buying public is still (thankfully) interested in such cars.

Compact sedan sales last month was eerily similar to the December 2019 sales figure and the segment is led by the Maruti Suzuki Dzire with 13,868 unit sales.

Second-placed Honda Amaze only managed to find 4385 buyers in December, followed by the Hyundai Aura (3113 units) and the Tata Tigor (1822 units).

Ford is not having a good time trying to sell the Aspire and they might be better off by slashing prices and pushing the model and its hatchback sibling as best value for money products in their respective segments.

December 2020 C-Segment Sedan Sales
When the replacements for Vento and Rapid come, they would hopefully do well

Unsurprisingly, it is the Honda City that leads C-segment sedan sales with 2717 units to its name, while Maruti’s Ciaz is in second place, having gotten hold of 1270 buyers.

There is little difference between the sales figure of the Hyundai Verna and Skoda Rapid, both cars just about crossing the 1000 units mark. However, the Volkswagen Vento and Toyota Yaris could not find that many takers.

December 2020 D-Segment Sedan Sales
Nothing to see here, move on please

It is sad to see the Civic fall to such lows in December, but Honda has pulled the plug on this model, thus, nothing more can be expected until a replacement, if at all, arrives.

Which means, in the December 2020 sedan sales list, the Skoda Octavia becomes the new D-segment leader. But, with only 22 unit sales, it is hardly an achievement.

Hyundai’s Elantra was taken home by 15 individuals this past month, taking the overall segment sales to a dizzying 37 units.

December 2020 Premium Sedan Sales
Camry still trails its only competitor

Skoda’s Superb continues to find a good number of takers, specifically in comparison with its direct rival, the Toyota Camry which found 33 buyers.

The Czech car is set to get more features soon, meaning its 262 unit sales in December 2020 will likely increase in the coming months.

Hyundai’s Aura fetched a little over 3100 unit sales with a 173 percent YoY growth