To help cut down on logistics and shipping demands, a Tesla Gigafactory could be set-up in India for the Asian continent. It could also prove beneficial for India by increasing employment.

Tesla Motors Nevada GigaFacotry
The recently opened Gigafactory in Nevada, USA will start operations soon

A constant sense of innovation has always been in the blood of Tesla Motors. More so often, it is seen clearly in the models they produce and the concepts they put forward. CEO of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk has always believed in standing out and he has rightfully, stood out in this venture with his electric car business.

Tesla has actually aspired to create Gigafactories around the world to produce all the batteries that are used to power its vehicles. The mammoth production unit will produce more lithium-ion batteries than every other factory in the world combined. This in itself is a tall order, and having a number of these factories is even more scarier.

Recently, Tesla opened its Gigafactory in Nevada, USA garnering much attention towards its future prospects. Their plan is to open at least one Gigafactory per continent so that shipping costs and logistics become negligible. It would serve the continents well who have a high demand for Tesla’s vehicles. One such location is India.

Tesla Motors could build a super production house in India soon. India has clearly made the move to acquire Tesla’s services by making a claim and also assuring land acquisition closer to ports aiding in exports. The American manufacturer has also revealed that they’ll be taking orders for the Model 3 from India too. Having a Gigafactory could mean all sorts of benefits for India too, in terms of employment and localisation.

Tesla Gigafactory India

– Tesla Motors’ Gigafactory in Nevada, USA was recently opened and will start operating soon
– These Gigafactories will produce more lithium-ion batteries than the whole world combined
– Tesla is looking to cut down on shipping and logistics costs
– India is a possible destination with the assurance of land near ports to help in exporting
– With the Gigafactory, India could be benefited with localisation and increased employment

Tesla Model 3 Front
Tesla Motors have accepted orders for the Model 3 from India but waiting period hasn’t been specified