Yamaha R25 Production Model

Even before being launched in India, the Yamaha R25 has garnered so much hype that people are going crazy and want to know everything about it. Before we tell you the km/l number in the next post, we would like to tell you that our friends in Indonesia have managed to crack 173 km/hr on the speedo at 12,500 RPM (where it makes its peak power). The top speed number is definitely high for a motorcycle which has so less horsepower and displacement. However, since the motorcycle has only top-end power, this was not a surprise either. Safely assuming that it has 1500 RPM more remaining, it can go even higher (considering the 14,000 RPM redline) but the true top speed will be in the 170 km/hr bracket itself because of the speedo error.

For example, the Kawasaki Ninja 300 is capable of doing 190 km/hr on the speedo while our VBOX recorded 182 km/hr. The Ninja is also a motorcycle which has all the power in the top-end of the rev band. The second competition comes from the KTM RC 390 which in naked form does the same top speed but is limited to those speeds. However, the way the 390 engine pulls to 170 km/hr is very fast because of the extra ordinary fast revving engine and obviously more horsepower and light kerb weight. The RC 390 will manage to be even faster in the mid-range thanks to the fairing which it has, something which can be safely assumed. There is still doubts that RC 390’s engine or gearing has been tweaked or not.

The Yamaha R25 even before coming to India is in the news for all the right reasons. If it manages to undercut the Ninja 300 with the same layout then it can be considered by many enthusiasts. The RC 390 is also coming to give it tough competition. Expect the R25 to come to India within six months or let’s say early 2015. Options, options and more options. Are you confused, do you have your priorities set? Or after reading this you have made a new decision?

Yamaha R25 Top Speed

Yamaha YZF-R25 Racing Blue

Speedo Picture Source – Madrives