While some cars are on their way out, others are just not able to generate sufficient demand due to various reasons.

Least Selling Cars In October 2015
Some boring products while some very outdated cars featured here

After talking about some of the highest selling vehicles in India, lets analyse some of the least selling cars. This list is limited to mass-market vehicles and does not include CBUs. First up we have the Isuzu MU-7 which has sold in just 32 units despite the fact that it now comes with an automatic gearbox too. The Renault Scala is not far behind at 31 units while its rebadged version, the Nissan Sunny is selling more than 200 units every month.

The Force One is another case of a very slow-mover. The vehicle just doesn’t have any demand and hardly anyone even considers the vehicle when they are shopping in the market. Ford stopped production of the Fiesta sometime back and is just selling off unsold stock which explains the sales of 16 units. The SsangYong Rexton is supposed to be a good car but yet it failed to strike a right chord with buyers in the SUV segment.

The Tata Aria is another similar case and the vehicle is failing to meet any demand at all. The automaker is coming up with the new Hexa that is based on the Aria and hopefully it’ll turn out to be a much better product. The Skoda Yeti is an example of a very good car that became a dud just because of extremely high pricing. The Tata Sumo Grande is another old product without any demand in the market.

Renault has been offering a lot of big discounts on the Koleos and it seems that these attempts are going very futile and the SUV is failing to generate any sales. Mahindra’s Quanto is on its way out and with the TUV300 here, it seems that buyers are quite liking the new product as compared to the dynamically unstable Quanto.

Sunny vs Linea vs Rapid vs Scala
The Renault Scala is the worst selling C-segment sedan