The Yamaha Ray was the new entrant to the top 10 list in year-on-year sales while the TVS Jupiter performed consistently well, clocking a total of 5 lakh units since launch.

The immense growth of the scooter market has surely made heads turn for most two-wheeler manufacturers that recently jumped the bandwagon given the potential of the segment. While they are still playing catch up, the early entrants in the segment continue to reap benefits with well-established products. To simplify, it is the Honda Activa that does nearly 2 lakh units month-on-month despite new competition coming in. With newer products and higher capacity scooters expected to flood the market soon, the automatic scooter market is only going to expand further. That said, let’s take a look at the top 10 selling scooters for the month of April 2015.

Top 10 Scooter Sales April 2015

Observations –

1) The Honda Activa is at its dominant best with 1,73,087 units sold in April this year, a jump of 18.78 percent in sales compared to the same period last year.

2) The Activa’s re-badged twin the Maestro from Hero’s stable happens to be the next best selling scooter in the country with 43,796 units sold in April. As visible, the second best-selling scooter in the country is able to manage nearly quarter of the Activa’s sales during the same period in comparison.

3) The TVS Jupiter is an excellent product and has been consistently clocking in numbers month-after-month. The Chennai based automaker sold 30,925 units of the scooter last month, witnessing a jump of 37.5 percent on a year-on-year basis. The Jupiter also hit a new milestone this month retailing 5 lakh units within 18 months since launch and became the fastest scooter in the country to do so.

4) Save for the top three scooters on the list, the rest of the models posted negative growth with sales taking a major dip. The Honda Dio grabbed the fourth spot on the list with 17,243 units sold with sales plummeting by 21.39 percent as compared to April 2014. The Aviator also moved down to the ninth spot from the eighth position last year with just 7460 units sold with sales going down by 19.8 percent.

5) While the motorcycle space has accepted Suzuki with open arms, the same can’t be said about the scooter market with sales showing negative growth. Only the Access from the Japanese manufacturer’s lineup featured on the list at fifth position, while sales saw a 23.8 percent dip with 14,102 units sold in April this year as compared to the 18,526 units sold in April 2014.

6) The new model to join this lineup was the Yamaha Ray at the seventh spot with 9127 units sold. Yamaha’s unisex offering, the Alpha also made it to the list with 7466 units sold but moved from the sixth spot to the eighth spot with a massive year-on-year drop of 58.41 percent.

2015 TVS Jupiter Special Edition
The TVS Jupiter has been one of the most consistent performers ever since its launch in 2013