Renault has some good vehicles in its kitty and yet comes up right at the top when it comes to the list of the worst selling cars in India!

Top 10 Worst Selling Cars In Q1 FY16
Renault is the Maruti of the worst selling cars’ list

The Renault Fluence is now officially the least selling car in the country. The sedan has maintained its position very consistently since the past two years. The vehicle managed to find just 34 homes in the first quarter of FY2016. Poor marketing, non-awareness of the Renault brand and a small dealership network are some of the reasons why the Fluence failed to influence the market despite being a great product. At second position, we have the Ford Fiesta which is again an impressive car to drive, but it just failed to strike a chord with buyers in the C-segment. The Fiesta got sales of just 55 units.

The Chevrolet Cruze comes in at third position with 207 sales. The sedan was an amazing package when it was launched, but now competition has come up with better products that give a very tough time to the Cruze. It remains to be seen whether the next generation of the vehicle will be able to turn the tide or not. The Fiesta Classic is an old and outdated vehicle now. It sold well in its hay days but now it is mostly fleet cab operators who buy it, and that too in less numbers. Then we have the Chevrolet Spark with sales of 252 units. The second generation Chevrolet Spark is again on its way out with the next generation (the third generation of the Spark is the Beat while the fourth generation was recently unveiled) being introduced worldwide. It was one of the most-underrated hatchbacks in its time.

The Renault Scala sold 274 units and comes in at sixth position. Its twin Nissan Sunny sold double the units, i.e. 549 and comes in at ninth place. Both of these sedans are similar and offer a lot of space and comfort. However, rivals like Honda, Hyundai and Maruti have an upper hand in this segment. The Fiat Linea secures the seventh position with sales of 411 units. The Renault Pulse comes in at eighth position with sales of 497 units while the Fiat Avventura comes in at tenth position with 591 units sold. So while Maruti is the leader when it comes to the top 10 best selling cars, it is Renault who leads the pack in the worst-sellers list.

Sunny vs Linea vs Rapid vs Scala
The Sunny, Linea, Scala are all part of the worst sellers’ list