BBC has just released a teaser video for Top Gear Season 22 which will be going on air very soon.

[youtube: 540 375]

Does Top Gear even need an introduction? This TV show has been on air since 2002 and we still fondly remember how the crew reviewed the Lamborghini Murcielago back then. The show kept on gaining fan following with every season that passed by. BBC Top Gear completed 21 seasons in 2014 and just when we were waiting for some news about the next season, BBC has released a teaser video about the upcoming season. Top Gear Season 22 will be going on air soon and we’re expecting a February 2015 launch of the new TV series.

In the video, we are shown how The Stig goes on a vacation and right after landing at the airport, he heads straight to the car rental counter to pick up a striking yellow Lamborghini Aventador, amidst all the Volkswagens that are parked there. So The Stig then has some ‘fun’ with the supercar and travels to various countries, including India. As his vacation is about to end, he returns the Aventador to the rental company much to the shock of the lady who freaks out after seeing the condition of the car.

The Stig is coming back and we’re more than waiting!

Lamborghini Aventador Anniversario
It seems that The Stig is a fan of the Aventador in yellow