The sales chart for 150cc bikes indicates falling sales for many.

Top Selling 150cc Bikes In July 2018

Motorcycles in the Indian commuter segment continue to enjoy good sales, thanks to their efficiency and pricing but the same cannot be said for 150cc bikes. The Bajaj Pulsar 150 continues to reign supreme but its sales are falling just like its elder siblings. The TVS Apache RTR 160 4V which has good performance and dynamics isn’t able to convert them into sales volume. Its sales went down by 23 percent which is about the same as the percentage fall in the sales of the TVS Apache RR 310.

The third position is occupied by the very reliable Honda CB Unicorn 150 whose sales picked up by 6 percent. Fourth position is again taken by a Japanese bike, the Yamaha FZ whose sales remained stagnant. The company has regularly given the bike some updates which is probably the reason why people have continued to buy it. Fifth position is again a Honda, the X-Blade which sold 8 percent more than the previous month. It has sharp looks which are helping in attracting more buyers.

The Yamaha R15’s sales grew by a whopping 46 (no pun intended) percent and the good response is the reason why the company finally decided to discontinue the version 2 model. Suzuki makes an entry at eighth position with the much loved Gixxer models. The street-fighter and the faired version together are providing decent sales but it fell by 21 percent. Time to bring in new models? Oh yes. Indian manufacturer Hero has been long selling the Achiever in India and a sales slump of 48 percent make it apparent that it is time for it to be discontinued. The fourteenth positioned Honda CB Unicorn 160 experiences the largest drop in its sales volume. It sold only 224 units which is even less than the TVS Apache RR 310.

While we agree that the sales of motorcycles are slumping, we also think there are two other reasons for this. One is the current monsoon season wherein people don’t want to ruin their new bikes in the rains. The other might be the upcoming festive season which sees huge discounts on offer. Buyers might be waiting for prices to come down and the falling sales might just shoot up in September.

Top Selling 150cc Bikes In July 2018

– Bajaj Pulsar 150 continues to reign supreme
– The Yamaha R15 is winning hearts and rising sales clearly shows that
– The Honda CB Unicorn 160 has the largest fall at 81 percent

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