The Indian two-wheeler market is pretty stable at the moment but numbers suggest a decline in 150cc bikes.

150cc 2 Wheeler Sales February 2019
Bajaj Pulsar 150 tops the chart for another consecutive month

Motorcycles in the Indian market have seen a decline in sales figure off late. The 150cc motorcycle segment is also a part of this decline. Nonetheless, there’s no bike coming close to the Bajaj Pulsar 150 in the segment. The Pulsar 150 has continued its consecutive chart-topping run in the market with 63,673 units being sold in February 2019. Having said that, even the Pulsar 150’s sales have declined by 6 percent compared to the previous month. The TVS Apache series is a distant second in the market with a combined sales of 35,358 units. Interestingly, the Apache series sales increased by about 11 percent in comparison to last month.

Yamaha has three motorcycles in the top 10 most selling 150cc motorcycles in February 2019. Moreover, all three bikes sold more units as compared to January 2019. The third position is occupied by the Yamaha FZ whose sales picked up by 5 percent. The Yamaha R15’s sales saw the biggest MoM growth of about 40 percent in the 150cc segment. The bike sold 8939 units as opposed to 6377 units in January. The third Yamaha bike in the top-selling 150cc bikes is the SZ at 8th position. The SZ sold 2304 units with a growth of 3 percent.

Honda also has three models in the top-selling 150cc motorcycles in February 2019. However, unlike the Yamaha bikes, all three models saw a drop in sales figures. The CB Unicorn managed to sell 14,741 units with a 38 percent drop in sales while the CB Hornet 160R and the X-Blade sold 3002 and 2721 units respectively. The drop in sales continued down the line up of Honda in India. Consequently, the Honda Unicorn 160’s sales came down to a mere 4 units in January 2019 before coming to a halt in February 2019.

The Suzuki Gixxer series witnessed the largest drop in sales with just 584 units sold compared to 1812 units in January. This translates to a whopping 68 percent drop in sales of the Suzuki Gixxer. Suzuki’s 150cc motorcycles haven’t been doing well in the market with the Intruder managing to sell zero units for both January and February 2019. Indian manufacturer Hero has been long selling the Achiever in India and while the bike did manage to make it to the top 10 list, it only sold 128 units compared to 234 units last month. This also translates to a 45 percent drop in sales while signalling at possible discontinuation of the model.

Top Selling 150cc Motorcycles

– Pulsar continues to top the chart with 63,673 units sold
– Yamaha R15 saw the largest MoM growth of 40 percent
– Suzuki Gixxer series sales dropped by 68 percent

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