The Toyota Fortuner BS6 will see a noticeable price hike in January 2020.

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The Toyota Fortuner is the top-selling full-size SUV

Toyota is working in dribs and drabs as 2019 sales have slumped down significantly. Not just Toyota but the whole auto industry, in general is having a tough time in maintaining a constant flow of sales. With the freshly proposed laws for taming the pollution caused by diesel mills, new technology is likely to be added to the diesel vehicle segment. Added technology will add to the cost of overall vehicles as well. For example, the Toyota Fortuner BS6 will see a price hike of around Rs. 4.5 lakhs!

The aforementioned price hike will kick in once BS6 compliant vehicles are deployed in the market. Toyota has a strong belief that pre-buying of diesel-driven cars ahead of the implementation of BS6 norms will help seize the slowing down of sales.

In comparison to petrol vehicles, diesel vehicles demand more components to restrain the particulate matter and that will surely have a larger bill. With the further unbending BS6 norms, the cost of diesel vehicles is likely to rise in double digits, give or take 15%.

Toyota is trying their best to educate customers about purchasing BS4 than BS6 as that would end up in their best interest. The Toyota Fortuner has been priced at Rs. 30 lakhs for the base variant. The price hike of Rs. 4.5 lakhs will be implied for the upcoming BS6 models. At present, Toyota sales are down by 10-12%, but this can be changed once more BS4 vehicles move out rather than keeping the sales stagnant.

For the coming year, Toyota is all set to catch the BS6 wave at the right time and will probably start supplying vehicles across the country during the first quarter of 2020.

Toyota Fortuner BS6

– BS6 Toyota Fortuner’s price will increase by around Rs. 4.5 lakhs
– BS4 models are offered at a lower price compared to BS6 models
– Toyota will supply BS6 vehicles from early 2020

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Diesel vehicles will see a higher price hike due to BS6