The hybrid tech will be installed in more offerings from Toyota, apart from the ongoing Camry in India

2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid Facelift
The company sees a bright future for hybrid cars in India

Toyota has been selling the Camry with its hybrid version in India besides the petrol model and now has plans to extend the line up. A company official stated that along with more hybrid sedan vehicles, they will be introducing SUVs and MUVs too with this technology for the Indian markets. The prediction of the company for growth in demands of hybrid cars made it put in efforts to introduce them in India with more options.

An Indian average middle-class car buyer always opts for a budget 4-wheeler which does not consist of a hybrid offering. To rectify this problem, Toyota will do a lot of localisation in its cars sold in India. Due to this, the production cost may reduce resulting in cost curtailment of the cars in the Indian market.

Comparing the cost of the hybrid version of a car to its petrol or diesel variant, the difference is huge which makes the buyer lean towards the non-hybrid versions. As per Toyota officials, the requirements and purchases of hybrid vehicles will rise to a large extent in the coming years. Owing to which, the company will try to make Daihatsu, a division of Toyota, manufacture low-cost hybrid cars for the Indian market.

Apart from the Camry, Toyota is planning to introduce hybrid variants of the Corolla and the Prius in our country with some of the SUVs and MUVs.

Toyota Hybrid Tech

– Toyota predicts a growing demand for hybrid tech in Indian vehicles
– Hybrid variants cost too high as compared to petrol or diesel models
– The company will offer the Corolla and the Prius with this technology

Toyota Corolla Altis White
The Toyota Corolla will receive hybrid fitment in future