Toyota Innova Crysta Quality
This is 1 example of the Innova Crysta’s dashboard having developed cracks

Like many manufacturers, has Toyota lost its edge when it comes to making quality cars like the Innova Crysta?

Buyers of Toyota Innova Crysta would imagine that the premium MPV would not have quality issues that are widespread.

After all, the car costs between Rs. 16.77 lakhs and Rs. 24.99 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi) and thus customers do expect a hassle-free ownership experience.

But strangely, multiple Toyota Innova Crysta owners have reported that the vehicle’s dashboard, air-con vents and steering wheel develop cracks after a period of usage.

While some cars have seemingly developed these cracks around the 80,000-85,000 km mark, there are examples mentioned online which have similar cracks with half that mileage.

According to owners, when notified about these cracks, Toyota dealers have generally responded by saying the cracking is due to heat and other external factors.

But the issue has been found across several cities in the nation, including at Bengaluru in the State of Karnataka. Thus, the general assumption is that poor quality plastics that were used to make these interior components are at fault here.

Toyota Innova Crysta Quality Issue
Even the air con vents have the same issue

Although this Toyota Innova Crysta quality issue might seem trivial at first, when reported by multiple owners, the manufacturer has to respond and take credible action.

Furthermore, there are owners who have proclaimed that other things have went wrong inside the car as well, including the fact that the driver seat back collapsed in one particular car.

MotorBeam did not get a response from Toyota when asked about the matter (when this article was published). Hopefully, the Japanese manufacturer solves this issue at the earliest and customers are provided some respite.