With hectic work schedules and a busy lifestyle, Toyota’s latest service initiative comes as a breath of fresh air for Toyota vehicle owners. Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) has introduced its 60 minute global service initiative in India as well. Known as Express Maintenance (EM), this new initiative is available to all Toyota customers existing and new at no additional cost.

EM Service is the first of its kind initiative in the Indian market. Toyota has taken the liberty to apply their Toyota Production System (TPS) knowledge and Kaizen methodologies in order to cut idle time between service procedures and refine the system in order to do a complete routine service within 90 minutes.

MGF Toyota in Gurgaon is the first dealership in North India to launch the EM Service, available to the customers at the same price as the normal service. The pilot project for EM has been well received at Lakozy Toyota in Mumbai. Toyota plans on extending the EM service to 14 dealerships across the country by the end of 2008.

Express Bdoy And Paint Line

TKM has also introduced first of its kind Express Body and Paint Line. This advanced Kaizen activity, provides speedy servicing and repair for vehicles that require servicing other than the normal servicing such as accidental repair and body work. In the event that the vehicle has three or more panels damaged, then the servicing and repair can now be done in 2 days as compared to 10 days. Utilizing the TPS concept, systematical TPS Line Operations are used to repair light damage conditions.

The Pilot project was for Express Body and Paint Line was implemented at Lanson Toyota – Koyambedu, Chennai in 2006. Till date this program has been implemented at three Locations which include, Lanson Toyota-Chennai, Ravindu Toyota-Bangalore, and MGF Toyota – Gurgaon. In 2009 TKM plans to spread this project to four more locations.