The new Toyota Prius Prime has been revealed for the Paris market and the plug-in hybrid car returns 100 km/l of claimed fuel efficiency.

Toyota Prius Prime Front
The styling has been edgy and in tune with their global design language

On the dimension front, the new Prius Prime is longer, wider and lower than the standard Prius. The Prius Prime measures 4645 mm in length, 1760 mm in width and 1470 mm in height. The Prime’s front fascia features a thin, ultra-compact four-LED (adaptive) headlamp units and pronounced overhangs that give the car its own identity.

The aerodynamically sculpted body is one of the major reasons why the Prius Prime looks unique and futuristic. Every gawky crease and line is there with the aim of reducing fuel consumption. As a result, the vehicle’s drag coefficient is 0.25. The Prius Prime features advanced tech like a Dual Motor EV drive, a battery warning system, an EV range-extending solar roof and gas injection heat pump automatic air conditioning.

An all new 145-litre, 8.8 kWh battery that weighs 120 kg, helps the new Prius Prime to travel double the distance than that of the standard Prius and the EV power sees an increase of 83 percent due to the Dual Motor Drive System which uses both the electric motor and the generator to boost the model’s driving power to 68 kW.

The Toyota Prius Prime comes with a 1.8-litre Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder petrol engine. It targets a mileage figure of 100 km/l and 22g/km of CO2 emissions as Toyota eyes to to reduce the CO2 emissions across its product portfolio by 90 percent by 2050, and the new Prius Prime signifies an important step towards the same.

Toyota Prius Prime

– The Prius Prime is a step towards Toyota’s aim to reduce emissions across the lineup by 90% by 2050
– The super efficient aerodynamics blesses it with a drag co-efficient of 0.25
– The Prius gets added power and much more technological prowess to achieve 100 km/l mileage

Toyota Prius Prime Roof
An EV range-extending solar roof to increase the travel range of the Prius Prime
Toyota Prius Prime
The Prius now looks much sharper and sporty than the previous gen car
Toyota Prius Prime Side
The aerodynamically hunkered down attributes can be seen on the side profile
Toyota Prius Prime Rear
The rear profile gets unique tail lights and LED treatment as well