Retesting of affected Volkswagen diesel cars will be carried out after the recall, only to verify the regulatory conformance.

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Volkswagen India says EA-189 engines meet the BS-IV regulations

ARAI (Automotive Research Authority Of India) has stated that it will not retest the fixed Volkswagen diesel recalled cars that return to the roads after the company completes the recall process since that is beyond its regulatory impression. Retesting of cars will only be carried out to verify the regulatory conformance. Real driving emission measure is not a part of the management.

Volkswagen in India has retained that its cars meet the Indian regulatory requirements as defined under the Bharat Stage-IV (BS-IV) guidelines. However, Volkswagen claims that it will still fix the cars here with the same update that was rolled out in Europe. In the US, on road tests are conducted to check the emissions of cars where they had found the VW cars emitting nitrogen oxide in excess of 40 times the claimed emissions.

Back in 2015, the ARAI found Volkswagen cars fitted with the EA-189 diesel engine which produced 5 to 9 times more nitrogen oxide on road than during the standard laboratory tests. But since on-road tests aren’t a part of the conformity of production guidelines in India, the government couldn’t conduct legal proceedings against the company.

Experts believe that India has lost out an opportunity to introduce on-road testing of vehicles in the country. This is believed to be a part of the BS-VI regulations to be applicable from 1st April, 2020. The ministry of road transport and highways has ordered a probe to check if the German automaker deliberately cheated in India. The report hasn’t been published yet.

Volkswagen Diesel Recalled Cars

– Retesting of cars will be carried out only to verify the regulatory conformance
– Real driving emission is not a part of regulation
– Volkswagen cars meet Indian regulatory requirements as defined under Bharat Stage-IV

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Real driving emission measurement is not a part of the regulations