Toyota has previously hinted that they might bring a compact SUV to the Indian market, with the Rush as the expected option.

Toyota Rush Spotted
The Toyota Rush was spotted on a trailer in West Bengal

Last month, the Japanese automaker postponed the launch of the all-new Corolla Altis looking at the growing market of SUVs and crossovers. The company had also hinted that they would get an all-new compact SUV to the Indian market. With the Rush spotted on the back of the trailer, it is speculated that the compact SUV will be the Rush indeed.

The trailer was spotted carrying the Toyota Rush without covers somewhere in West Bengal. It may not be substantial to assume that the car was for the Indian market as West Bengal is a border town and shares borders with Nepal and Bhutan. The cars that were spotted might also be for the Nepal or Bhutan market as they get fully imported cars and therefore, the vehicles are transported to these countries through the Indian borders as the trade treaties are a bit relaxed between these countries.

The Rush and the Ertiga belong to a similar segment and it might not make a lot of sense to compete with the Ertiga when Toyota has already agreed to share the Ertiga in the future with Maruti Suzuki.

Toyota Rush Spotted

– The compact SUV was spotted on a trailer undisguised
– The Rush is currently on sale in the international market and is fully imported to Nepal and Bhutan markets
– There is no official statement from Toyota regarding the launch of the Rush in the Indian market

Toyota Rush Rear Spotted
Toyota has previously hinted that they may get a compact SUV in the Indian market

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