Following what Volkswagen did with the MQB platform, Toyota too is coming up with the TNGA platform that will be used on a whole range of vehicles to save on costs.

Toyota TNGA Platform
Toyota’s half portfolio will come with TNGA by 2020

The fact that Toyota is developing a new platform is known. This new platform, called the Toyota New Global Architecture is a modular platform that will see it underpinning the company’s newer vehicles. With the help of this platform, the Japanese automotive giant is looking to reduce production costs as well as capital required to set up new manufacturing facilities. Toyota is also aiming to increase global sales by a massive count through the help of the TNGA. The Volkswagen group follows a strategy where multiple vehicles in the same group are produced together to save on costs and resources, a la MQB platform and Toyota will also be following a similar approach.

With the help of the new TNGA platform, the company is expecting around 20 percent reduction in production costs. By manufacturing more vehicles under this scheme, Toyota is aiming at a long run figure of 75 percent reduction in costs. Apart from this, the company will also make use of parts that are less complex and that require lower costs to manufacture. This will enable the automaker to cut capital investments required to start a new production line by half. A completely new generation of engines is also being readied and these are said to reduce fuel consumption by 25 percent while also giving out 15 percent more power.

The first vehicles from the Toyota stable to get the new platform will be the Prius hybrid, Corolla and Lexus CT. These models are hot-sellers in global markets for Toyota and it is only wise of them to implement the new architecture on these vehicles. Around half of the company’s portfolio will be making use of the TNGA by 2020. The next generation Toyota Innova and Fortuner will be the first vehicles in the Indian market to feature the Toyota New Global Architecture platform.

Toyota TNGA Architecture
The Prius hybrid, Corolla and Lexus CT will be the first vehicles with TNGA