Triumph Tiger 1200 XCx Test Ride Review
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Triumph Tiger 1200 XCx Review

Bike Tested: Triumph Tiger 1200 XCx; Road Test No. 1093; Test Location: Mumbai

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 20,75,164/-

Tiger Explorer 1200 XCx is the top-of-the-line Triumph adventure motorcycle

The last time we rode a Triumph Tiger, it was the 800 XRx and it was back in 2017. Last year, the whole Tiger lineup was updated with the company claiming that over 200 new parts had come in. The Triumph Tiger Explorer has two variants of its own the XC and XR while the XR is more road biased, the XC has the bits to make it more capable off-road. As we did not ride 1200 earlier it was time to experience what the flagship Tiger feels like to ride and what the adventure sorcery is all about.

Motor Quest: Triumph showcased the Tiger Explorer first time in 2011 worldwide while they launched the XR and XC in the following year. It was about that time Triumph also entered the Indian market. Some changes were made in 2018, the Tiger Explorer lineup has seen a major update all across including the 800 as well as 1200 in both XR and XC line-up.

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The Tiger 1200 XCx is massive, looks very purposeful

Styling – All the Triumph Tiger motorcycles have a very similar design language. However, the 1200 XCx being the top-of-the-line Tiger has a lot more road presence than other Tigers. It is a huge motorcycle, starting off with the 20-litre tank which gives it all the mass. As it is covered with a lot of bulky body claddings and has a bikini fairing design with extension. Then comes the front beak which is comparatively smaller but has a pair of decently big twin LED headlamps. Topped by a humongous windscreen which is electronically controlled. While a pair of hand guards and chunky upside-down forks complete the look at the front.

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The LED headlight unit here gets an off-road protective cover

Exposed tubular trellis frame gives the Tiger 1200 a very rugged look

The tubular bits of the chassis run all along while the engine is protected with another pair of tubular crash protectors and a bash plate. Some extra tubular bits at the rear were present on our test bike which come in handy to mount a pair of panniers. The Tiger 1200 gets spoked wheels with tubeless rubber while it gets a single-sided swingarm at the rear. This by itself is a shaft-drive unit and you wouldn’t notice any chain or sprocket here. It also gets a radially mounted rear disc while an upswept exhaust on the other side completes the adventure look of the motorcycle.

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Full digital console shows a ton of information

Instrument Cluster and Switchgear – The first time we saw this instrument cluster, it was on the Triumph Street Triple RS and now the Tiger 1200 gets it too. However, things are slightly different with a little more information on offer. The 5-inch fully digital console displays the speedometer, tachometer, gear-position indicator, time, ambient temperature and fuel gauge as standard. The information stays standard throughout the 3 different layouts you can choose the screen to be in. The lower rectangular bar keeps switching between different things with a joystick switch. From suspension setup, engine temperature, trip details, odometer and riding modes, the rider can keep switching and look out for the details they want.

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Just try to count the number of buttons on this swtichgear

Cluster is loaded with information while the switchgear with buttons

The screen has a textured finish on all the side and that is where the tell-tale lights are placed. Alongside, it has a sensor too which dims the screen and changes the background to black as soon as it gets dark. The switchgear is also similar to the one on the Street Triple RS but as an addition, we get cruise control switches on the left side unit. The right side unit is very simple, has a starter button and a home button to get into settings along with a button to turn on the heated seat. The other unit has all the gizmos, from a riding mode switch to a joystick which can be used to get around with the screen. The switches are finished in grey and red while they feel quite good.