Ford is going to introduce the Aspire in a new electric avatar based on the long wheelbase version.

Ford Aspire Electric Vehicle Side
The Aspire EV will be based on the export-model, featuring a larger boot

Mahindra and Ford announced a strategic partnership for the development of future mobility and electrification in September 2017. One of the first products from the new alliance will be the Ford Aspire EV that will be developed with Mahindra as the Indian UV maker will provide the electric powertrain for the sedan.

The Aspire EV will be powered by an 82 BHP motor that will come connected to a 25 kWh battery. This combination of the power output from the motor and the battery capacity will give the Aspire EV a real-world range of 150 km and it will have a top speed of 110 km/hr.

Mahindra is also expected to introduce a rebadged version of the Aspire EV. The Aspire EV will be based on the export-model that features a larger boot and has a longer wheelbase. There is no sub 4-metre rule for electric cars in India and hence the carmaker gets the opportunity of introducing the longer Aspire.

We will get to witness a lot of new products from the Ford Mahindra alliance in the near future. Even the new generation Mahindra XUV500 will be co-developed with Ford and we will be seeing a Ford badge XUV500 too. This strategic partnership aims to reduce manufacturing cost by sharing technology.

Ford Aspire EV

– Mahindra and Ford have jointly developed the Aspire EV and have fitted it with a 25 kWh battery pack
– Mahindra has provided Ford with the electric tech to power the Aspire
– The Aspire EV will be based on the international spec long wheelbase version

Ford Aspire Electric Vehicle
The Aspire EV will be powered by an 82 BHP motor

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