A TVS Apache 200 owner from Pune gets a dual-channel ABS system installed on his bike.

TVS Apache 200 Front Disc ABS
The parts from the Apache 180 ABS have been fitted on the Apache 200

A TVS Apache 200 owner from Pune gets a dual-channel ABS installed on his motorcycle. According to the source, the aforementioned owner also owned an Apache 180 with ABS. The ABS from the Apache 180 has been retrofitted on the Apache 200.

Using parts from the Apache 180, the exact cost for this modification is not available but some tentative estimates have been provided (in case someone wants to get ABS on their Apache 200). The total costs are estimated to be Rs. 38,000/- (approximately). Costs are distributed as below –

* Rs. 22,000/- for the Hydraulic Control Unit with inbuilt ABS functionality
* Rs. 1500/- each for the front and rear speed sensors
* Rs. 700/- each for sensor discs
* Rs. 1500/- each for the brake pipes
* Rs. 5500/- for the wiring harness

Considering the costs, this isn’t a cheap upgrade. However, for those still waiting for the Apache 200 ABS, TVS will be launching this model by September 2017, almost 20 months after announcing it.

TVS Apache 200 Aftermarket ABS

– An owner of a TVS Apache 200 has retrofitted his motorcycle with ABS
– This modification is expected to cost Rs. 38,000/-
– This isn’t a cheap upgrade but TVS is yet to ship Apache 200 ABS

TVS Apache 200 ABS Wiring
Looking at this wiring, this is not only an expensive modification but also quite complicated to execute
TVS Apache 200 ABS Modification
TVS will be launching the Apache 200 ABS by this September 2017

Source – xBHP.com