The new concept sketches based on the TVS Apache RTR 180 put the spotlight on the brand an alternate future in a different direction.

TVS Apache Next RS Concept
The Apache Next sketches are based on the venerable Apache 180 motorcycle

The TVS Apache RTR series of bikes have their own fan following as it is an excellent entry-level performance street bike. The frugal yet free revving engine has propelled a generation of youths and enabled them to ride with full freedom without a worry in the world. The recent hand-shake of TVS with BMW Motorrad has introduced the badge to markets where it was hitherto unknown. This has made enthusiasts world over sit-up and take notice of the products offered by the company, and sometimes even come up with their own imagination for what an affordable performance bike like the Apache could be transformed into. Some of those re-imaginations are extremely exquisite, such as the aptly named Apache Next series of sketches.

The TVS Apache has been restyled on the design boards by Italian designer Oberdan Bezzi in a series of concept sketches called the Apache Next, comprising of a street attack naked Apache RN 180, Apache RS 180 and the track-ready Apache RSR 180. The three bikes, as the name suggests, are based on the Apache RTR 180 bike and retains most of the mechanicals of the motorcycle. The designer has tastefully added a redesigned exhaust, sporty alloys, a bigger ventilated disc front and rear, and ABS, along with the mandatory saree-guard deletion.

The Naked variant, called the Apache RN is painted red and sports fatter rubber, thereby giving it a muscular stance. The Apache RS sketch showcases a semi-faired urban motorcycle which is painted in a beautiful blue and white livery. The final Apache RSR bike is a track-ready full-faired bike which looks sporty in canary yellow. In the cut-throat market called India, which is turning a new leaf and moving away from monotonous commuter bikes to new, innovative products, a big company like TVS should certainly take note of this talent.

TVS Apache Concept

– The TVS Apache has been re-styled in a series of concept sketches
– The sketches feature a redesigned exhaust, sporty alloys, bigger ventilated discs
– The bike has been re-imagined in three iterations

TVS Apache Next RSR Concept
The Apache RSR concept sketch looks extremele sexy
TVS Apache Next RN Concept
The Apache Next Concept sketches are mechanically similar to the Apache 180

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