TVS Apache RR 310 vs BMW G 310 R & GS - Spec Comparison

Apache RR 310 vs G 310 R vs G 310 GS

As we all know, the TVS Apache RR 310 is an offspring of the TVS-BMW tie-up and it has upped the indigenous motorcycle game by some margin. It is the only thing that comes super close to beating the KTMs and it even does so in some aspects. However, this isn’t a one-sided relationship. BMW has also benefitted from the tie-up and it shows in the aggressive pricing of the new BS6 G 310 R and the G 310 GS. But which is a better product overall and more importantly, which bike deserves your hard-earned money? This is exactly what we aim to find as we pitch the TVS Apache RR 310 vs the BMW G 310 R & GS in this ‘Indian vs German’ spec comparison!

Apache RR 310 vs G 310 R vs G 310 GS Styling

All three bikes share a lot of mechanical components which is evident when you notice the front forks, the alloy wheels and the exhaust. But the difference lies in the parts that surround these mechanicals. The TVS Apache RR 310 is a sporty motorcycle, and it looks pretty rad. The bi-LED twin projector headlamps, muscular fairings, sporty windscreen, and the sharp tail piece all make the RR 310 seem like a college student amongst school students. The road presence is nothing short of great and small details like the ‘gill’ pattern in the fairing make it feel super premium.

Moving on, the BMW G 310s also get alloys and they look good too. Both BMWs look pretty similar to each other apart from the obvious distinction- the fairings. The golden front forks, full-LED headlamp, alloys, and good colour schemes make the G 310s look chunky and likeable. Talking of colour schemes, all three bikes have 2-3 options only, but my personal favourite among all bikes here is the BMW G 310 Rs new “Style Sport” paint job with the red alloys. To summarise, all bikes look great in their respective segments, but the Apache RR 310 gets our vote, thanks to the impressive attention to detail and premium feel.

Apache RR 310 vs G 310 R vs G 310 GS Features

Covering the common bits first, all three bikes get LED lighting, digital instrument clusters, alloy wheels, slipper clutch, ride-by-wire, USD forks and a dual-channel ABS setup. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. The TVS Apache RR 310 is actually much more technologically advanced than the BMWs. Not something we thought we’ll ever say, but it’s the truth after all. The RR 310 doesn’t just have a digital instrument cluster, it packs 4 rider modes, lap-timer, lean angle sensor, average speed, G-force sensor, TVS’s SmartXConnect (Bluetooth connectivity) features, etc. along with the basic stuff. There’s also GTT (Glide Through Technology) which makes life easier in the traffic.

While the G 310 R and the GS are feature-rich bikes, they fail to live up to TVS standards and don’t offer such an extensive electronics setup. The G 310s offer adjustable levers, though, which the TVS lacks. Also, BMW offers many premium optional bits like heated grips, charging socket, etc. which are unavailable on the TVS. In summary, TVS has done a superb job with the feature-list of the Apache RR 310 and it definitely gives the German brand a run for their money.

Apache RR 310 vs G 310 R vs G 310 GS Ergonomics

All three bikes belong to different categories, and hence, the ergonomics are different on all offerings. The RR 310 is the sportiest of the lot and comes under the ‘Sports Tourer’ tag. It’s the only bike with clip-on handlebars here, but even then, the posture isn’t too aggressive. The seat comfort is also decent, but pillion comfort isn’t that great, thanks to the split-seat setup. The pegs are also a little rear-set, but again, nothing too aggressive.

Coming to the Beemers, both have upright riding postures and straight handlebars. Among the two G 310s, the GS has a more upright riding posture as it gets taller handlebars. Both bikes feature single-piece seats, which have plenty of room for both the rider and the pillion. Seat height wise, the G 310 R is the most rider-friendly at 785 mm, with the RR 310 in second at 810 mm and the GS at 835 mm. Overall, we think the BMW G 310 R has the best ergonomics here as it has a lower seat height, a comfortable upright seating posture and a spacious seat.

Apache RR 310 vs G 310 R vs G 310 GS Performance

Now, this segment is where all three motorbikes are extremely close to each other. All credit of this goes to the TVS-BMW partnership as the TVS Apache RR 310 uses the G 310’s motor as an inspiration. The Apache uses a 312.2cc motor, which puts out 33.53 BHP at 9700 RPM and 27.3 Nm of torque at 7700 RPM. The G 310 twins use a 313cc motor which makes 32.18 BHP at 9500 RPM and 28 Nm of torque at 7500 RPM. You need not be a pro to make out that both engines are roughly the same and there’s not much difference between the numbers.

All three bikes even get a 6-speed gearbox with slipper clutch and ride-by-wire. But again, the difference comes in form of the electronics as the TVS gets rider modes, which helps put the power down in a much better way. The RR 310 will also have a better top-end, thanks to the aerodynamic advantage, while the G 310 R will feel punchier, thanks to the weight deficit.

Apache RR 310 vs G 310 R vs G 310 GS Handling

Coming from different segments, all bikes offer unique handling characteristics. The Apache RR 310 has the sportiest dynamics, thanks to the clip-on setup and the split-trellis frame, making it the only “track-friendly” bike here. The G 310 R is a street-fighter and offers agile dynamics without the hassle and bulk of fairings. The most different one here is the G 310 GS, which is an enduro motorcycle and is your best bet for tricky terrains.

Weight plays a huge role in handling, and the G 310 R feels the easiest to ride as it weighs the lowest at just 158.5 kg. However, surprisingly, the faired Apache RR 310 actually offers more ground clearance than the G 310 R, while the G 310 GS stands tall at 220 mm. Lastly, a 300 mm front disc and a 240 mm rear disc perform the braking duties on all bikes and dual-channel ABS is standard on all.

Apache RR 310 vs G 310 R vs G 310 GS Verdict

One doesn’t need an IQ like Stephen Hawking to make up that the TVS Apache RR 310 is an excellent indigenous offering and gives the international offerings a good run for their money. At Rs. 2,91,564/- (on-road Mumbai), it could’ve been a little cheaper, but the components and features on offer justify the price pretty well. The G 310 R and the G 310 GS cost Rs. 2,88,144/- and Rs. 3,33,748/- (both on-road Mumbai) respectively, are good value as well and the brand name is enough for one to go gaga over these two, let alone the features. However, if we were to recommend a motorcycle out of these three, we’d pick the TVS Apache RR 310 as even though it is a little costlier than the G 310 R, it offers a better electronics package, sharper riding dynamics, and looks like a little superbike!

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