TVS showcased the Dazz DFI at the 2016 Auto Expo held in Delhi. The TVS Dazz DFI is solely manufactured and sold in Indonesia at present.

TVS Dazz DFI Showcase Auto Expo 2016
The 2016 TVS Dazz DFI is only sold in Indonesia currently

TVS, who is pretty popular in the two-wheeler segment in India with iconic models like the Apache and Jupiter showcased the Dazz DFI at the 2016 Auto Expo. The Dazz DFI which is manufactured and sold exclusively in Indonesia at present, will not hit Indian markets soon, inspite of this recent showcase.

The TVS Dazz DFI has often been seen road tested in India. This recent showcase just gives us more hope that TVS probably has plans for releasing the Dazz DFI in the Indian market. Being a popular model that it already is in the Indonesian market, we hope that it could upkeep its reputation in the vast Indian market post launch.

The TVS Dazz which is equipped with the latest technology is powered by a 110cc air-cooled engine which comes with Digitech. This engine with SOHC is tuned to produce 8.1 BHP which should give it a top speed somewhere on the better side of 90 km/hr.

Its weight is on the lighter side and stands at just 93 kgs with its 5.1-litre fuel tank fully topped. The 200 mm disc brake on the larger than average front wheel is sure to make the TVS Dazz DFI stand out in the sea of other scooters that are available in the Indian market at present.


– Tubeless tyres on the front and rear wheels
– Large wheelbase of 1240 mm
– Built in plug-in mobile charger
– 200 mm front disc brake

TVS Dazz DFI Front View
The TVS Dazz DFI is powered by a 110cc engine
TVS Dazz DFI Side View
The TVS Dazz DFI gets a nice dual-tone colour
2016 TVS Dazz DFI Front Disc Brake
A 200 mm front disc brake is seen on the Dazz DFI
TVS Dazz DFI Rear Wheel
A weight of just 93 kgs makes the TVS Dazz DFI light
TVS Dazz DFI Rear View
TVS won’t launch the Dazz DFI in India