The new TRU4 fully synthetic oil allows easier starts even in cold temperatures, while also providing improved engine protection and longer service life.

TVS TRU4 Synthetic Engine Oil
The TRU4 fully synthetic oil establishes high thermal stability in all temperatures

TVS Motor Company has launched the new TRU4 Synthetic 10W30 fully synthetic engine oil at a price of Rs. 525 per litre (the oil is available in 900 ml and 1-litre packs). Having launched the TRU4 Premium 4T 10W30 semi-synthetic engine oil back in 2010, the company has moved up the ladder with this new full synthetic derivative. The new TRU4 Synthetic 10W 30 meets Japanese Automotive Standards Organisation – JASO MA2 and American Petroleum Institute – API SL. Consumers can also check the genuineness of the TVS TRU4 Synthetic by sending an SMS stating TRU4 to 9500444444.

TVS states that the TRU4 Synthetic oil uses an advanced formulation for extreme thermal conditions that establishes higher thermal stability at both high and low temperatures. The technology also reduces preferential friction, allowing superior engine cleanliness and smoother clutch performance. This in turn leads to better ride comfort and longer engine life. Talking about the qualities of the new TVS TRU4 Synthetic oil, TVS stated that the new engine oil allows easy start even in low temperatures and longer service life.

The TVS TRU4 synthetic oil flows better in cold weather, which makes the engine start easier and offers better protection. The oil also resists change in viscosity at extremely high temperatures, which does not break down or evaporate like conventional oil which in turn damages the engine. Moreover, Synthetic oil is far slicker than conventional mineral oil and provides smoother and cooler engine operation, which eventually leads to better performance and fuel economy, states the company.

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The synthetic oil also provides smoother clutch operation & superior engine cleanliness