TVS Parking Assist System under works for the upcoming e-Scooters, to be offered on all future e-Scooters.

TVS CREON Concept 4
The CREON concept was unveiled at the 2018 Auto Expo; is a performance-oriented electric scooter

TVS is working on a new Parking Assist System for its upcoming e-Scooters. If sources are to be believed, this new technology will be making it to all the future e-Scooters. The Parking Assist System is being developed with an aim to make parking in tight spots very easy.

Considering the weight and the dimensions of the scooter it becomes difficult for the rider to park the vehicle in a crowded parking place. However, TVS plans to solve this issue with the Parking Assist System. When activated, this feature will provide motion assistance in moving the scooter forward and backward, thus, helping the rider to maneuver in tight parking spots with ease.

The system will check for various vehicle parameters like vehicle speed, throttle position and the brake condition to move the vehicle. For the front motion assist to work, the throttle should be opened and the speed should be less than 6 km/hr. To activate the reverse assist, the vehicle should be at a standstill and the throttle and brakes shouldn’t be in use. The system will then check if the rear wheel has moved more than 90 degrees. If it has, the system will assist the rider by automatically reversing the scooter at a speed of around 3-4 km/hr. Say, the scooter is in downhill, the system will apply brakes if the real speed goes above the assigned speed. When the Parking Assist System is in use, the hazard light will be automatically switched on and the instrument cluster will display a ‘Parking Assist On’ message.

TVS will feature this new technology in all its upcoming e-Scooters. Word is that the production version of the CREON concept is likely to be the first scooter to get the Parking Assist System.

TVS Parking Assist System

– TVS developing a Parking Assist System for its upcoming e-Scooters
– System to make parking in tight spots easy
– Production version of the CREON concept likely to be the first scooter to get this new feature

TVS Jupiter SYNC Braking System Gold
TVS is also working on an electric variant of the Jupiter, launch expected around end-2018

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