Amongst the many concepts that were showcased at the 2016 Auto Expo in Delhi, one exhibit from TVS seemed to attract a lot of attention. They call it the TVS Akula 310.

TVS Akula 310 Concept Front
The Akula 310 looks super hot from all angles

The Akula 310 Concept, as TVS claims, is a tribute to the TVS Racing’s dominant racing heritage of almost 33 years. At first glance, one would know that this motorcycle was bred in and for the track. The lightweight carbon fiber bodywork, the aggressive looks and the all black theme make it look like it was meant to do one thing only, be the fastest motorcycle on the track. The engine is identical to the BMW G310R which has been jointly developed by BMW and TVS.

In terms of performance, the Akula is equipped with a 6-speed quickshift gearbox for those tight corners. The USD forks, radial calipers, highly stiff space frame chassis added with an aluminium sub frame and cast iron swing arm make us realize that TVS wanted to make this motorcycle as light as they possibly could and provide flexibility to the rider without jeopardizing the dynamics. The absence of a rear mud-guard makes it pretty clear that weight was what TVS was focused on.

The name Akula in Russian stands for ‘Shark’ which the motorcycle looks like considering the heat management gills on its body and a dorsal fin underneath the seat, making the bike aerodynamically efficient. Paired with on board gyroscopic cameras and a steering damper, these features make the bike light, aerodynamic and stable which when added stands for very, very fast. Also from the looks of it, the Akula flaunts Michelin Pilot tires on it which should provide tremendous grip on the tracks.

TVS Akula 310 Concept

– The bike is engineered entirely for the track
– Comes with a 6-speed quickshift gearbox
– The bike is light and provides a lot of flexibility to the rider

TVS Akula 310 Concept
The carbon fibre panels blend in well with the all-black theme
TVS Akula 310 Concept Instrument Cluster
It is loaded with features, gets steering damper and adjustable shocks
TVS Akula 310 Concept Side
If it makes to production, this could pose a threat to the KTM RC 390
TVS Akula 310 Concept Rear
Everything component on the concept is top notch