TVS Star City+ Long Term Report
The TVS Star City+ is a proper budget workhorse by TVS

TVS Star City+ Long Term Review

Long Term Test No. 79

Bike Tested: TVS Star City+
Kms Done: 2871 kms
Test Started at: 2360 kms
Test Concluded at: 5231 kms
Mileage: 47 km/l (Combined), 42 km/l (City), 51 km/l (Highway)
Liters: 61.08 liters
Fuel Cost: Rs. 4154/-
Cost per km: Rs. 1.44/-

Comfort and low running costs at all times is what comes standard with the TVS Star City+

The way one could define a workhorse would be a tough horse that is ready to do any job, which is low on maintenance and the one that can be tamed the way you like it. The TVS Star City+ has been an actual workhorse for us at MotorBeam. Keeping its calm and yet it is always ready for the toughest of jobs. It has been the most fun to ride bike as with all the stress we did put on it, it never gave up. This 110cc long termer was with us for about 3000 kms and we spent a good amount of time with it.

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The TVS Star City+ is one of the best commuter bikes around

The TVS Star City+ is one of the best budget motorcycles focused on mileage and comfort with basic bike features. As it is budget focused, it does fall prey to a competition where other manufacturers excel with the cost and mileage equation. TVS on the other hand has kept its game smooth and running with the TVS Star City+. A motorcycle that looks just like any other motorcycle with simple styling and no nonsense on any part, keeping most of the details raw yet nice looking for a 110cc offering. Though the styling stays closer to being boxy in design, the TVS Star City+ has got a lot of body panels and with a few vibrant colour options (ours was red), the bike is noticeable. You can find the motorbike easily in a crowded parking area.

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A clean work with the console and an additional LCD does look good

The console is very easy to read and overall quality is good on this TVS bike

The instrument cluster is a simple clean slate which has the speedometer with a white background and a tiny LCD next to it. Even after having budget constraints, it still gets an LCD display. And to everyone’s surprise, it gets the ‘run all the way to redline’ speedometer scan with the LCD meter running from a set of 0s to all 9s. An orange backlight in the LCD, two LEDs for the modes, indicator LEDs and the service reminder LED keep the instrument cluster clean and simple. There are no budget constraints in the console but there are some in the switchgear. The matte finish quality looks decent while the pass light doesn’t actually work. It is just like the normal headlamp switch; keep the upper-dipper switch in a particular position and the pass switch will flash that light.

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Proper commuter ergonomics have been similar since all its generations

The TVS Star City+ has the ergos of a motorcycle that is made for the city like no other. Though there are a few 110cc motorcycles which provide upright ergonomics, the Star City is more focused towards comfort. Soft seat, front set footpegs and a handlebar that is very much upright gives a relaxed riding posture to the rider. The comfort is not limited only to the rider but is in fact better for the pillion. The best part is that the ergos are common to a lot of its competitors and hence whenever you get on this bike, you feel like home. There is always the saree guard in bikes that would bug you, but over here is a compact one fitting just right in.

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The 110cc mill has decent midrange punch with good throttle response

The 110cc engine is smooth and refined, good for city and great for highway too

The small powerplant by TVS is pretty nice. It pulls out power in a linear manner and belts it all to the rear tyre without any hesitation. The 8.3 BHP of power at 7000 RPM from a 110cc mill is decent but if we see the torque. it’s 8.7 Nm at just 5000 RPM and hence the Star City gets a nice peppy mid-range. Shift gears in the mid-range and the bike does good numbers. The gear sometimes misses out while shifting from second to third and same with third to fourth. In-gear acceleration is responsive and both second as well as third gears are pretty long. The first gear is just to get the bike moving from standstill, while the rest of the job is done by the other gears. The second gear maxes out at 60 km/hr, the third does at 80 km/hr. The bike itself maxes out at 95 km/hr and yet if anyone wants to hit the ton, crouch down and find a road that’s long enough to do so.

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City roads or highway cruising, munching miles is easy for this workhorse

TVS Star City+ Cost Of Service

* Service cost – Rs. 350/-
* Engine oil – Rs. 200/-
* Air filter – Rs. 100/-
* Brake liner – Rs. 220/-
* Consumables – Rs. 30/-

The refinement isn’t great and the TVS Star City+ vibrates at idle. It does get smooth once we start riding but it gets worse once we cross the 7000 RPM mark. Even then, riding the pocket rocket is super fun. Better to say, the workhorse can be tamed according to the rider and the road. On the highway, cruising at 75 km/hr is its sweet spot, while in the city the easy manoeuvrability comes very handy. In some serious traffic, the immediate throttle response, light weight, closer handlebar and a properly set suspension does aid in for easy traffic filtering. The Ceat tyres aren’t the best choice although they are grippy enough for the bike to stick to the road and with the only option of drum brakes, the equation is good and the bike stays in control with responsive braking. I am not a fan of drum brakes as they give a spongy feel but the feedback on this one is pretty good.

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An upright riding posture provides comfort at all times

The TVS Star City+ is a motorcycle which is cheaper to buy than a 110cc scooter. Performs the way one would like it. A proper workhorse ready to do its job and easy to maintain as well. Comfortable for any kind of rider with a great ride quality and a decent performer considering the small engine capacity. The TVS Star City+ makes up for a proper budget motorcycle which has great performance, amazing comfort and a simple yet attractive design. With decent mileage figures and cheap service due to long service intervals, the TVS Star City+ is one bike to have as a secondary motorcycle to complete local chores and commute within the city.

A total commuter focused and made for the masses, the TVS Star City+ is the only motorcycle from the Hosur company that has been on the streets for a real long time. Much appreciated and opted by a few, this TVS is one of the best budget 110cc motorcycles in the market currently.

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The Star City+ is an old schooler that doesn’t feel that old

What’s Cool

* Light weight and short handlebar aid in better handling
* Butter smooth engine with a good mid-range
* Comfortable seat and soft suspension setup

What’s Not So Cool

* Cost cutting in switchgear and a few areas
* NVH levels aren’t very well contained

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This TVS always looks out for new roads to munch on efficiently

Picture Editing – Sri Manikanta Achanta

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